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The Construction plan shows that Heron is well and truly built, and a hundred years from now she may easily be sailing and giving pleasure to some owner.

Uffa Fox. Racing, Cruising and Design 1937

The restoration of Heron II has taken place over 3 years (2016/19) and has included a full restoration of the original teak deck to make her water tight once again, some minor structural work to the hull – to restore the damage caused by the previously open deck, a complete strip back to then be freshly painted and varnished (inside and out), plus a full interior overhaul. She has also been converted from a Ketch rig to a Bermudan Cutter – as she originally was; shown in Fred Shepherd’s designs in Racing, Cruising and Design and our archive of images.

See the images below of the original condition and some of the restoration so far. To follow the restoration story visit our Instagram page heron2yacht.